Modifying or modernizing a car is something commonly done these days, mainly because it’s cheaper than buying a newer car, but there is also a bad side to every story, as sometimes cars with these modifications don’t end up well. Here we explain to you the good and the bad about car modifications:

The Good

Some car modifications or customizations can be a good call if it’s done by specialized people with some car knowledge. In some way, the car quality is improving by modifying it. You can even increase the speed of the car, believe it or not.

Another positive thing about car modifications is that you end up spending less money than you would by buying a new car. There are many thousands of dollars that you will be saving just by doing this.

The Bad

It doesn’t matter how many updates and modifications you may do to your vehicle, it will not change the value (at least, not in the American market). Also, some modifications can void the warranty of the car, considering the expiration date of the warranty itself. This not applies to all cases; it depends on what modification will be made.

At least modifying things like the engine, automatically voids the warranty, since they are delicate things the car comes with its unique design and specifications, and in case of damage at the moment of personalizing the car, the insurance will not answer for that guarantee. For this reason, you should first consult with the car insurance company, to see what type of modifications they accept and allow.

Depending on the case and the state of the car, it may be worthy to make the modification and personalization you want for your vehicle. If you are looking to improve the visual aspect of your car, then go for it. It’s good because visually it will look great and be original, but when it comes to more delicate things that would affect the car’s performance; it can get a little by tricky and you’ll have to be careful.

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