In Custom Car Designs | Cherche Automobile, our goal in mind is to resolve all kinds of problems our clients have with their automobile. I, Carol Ives, owner and founder of Custom Car Designs | Cherche Automobile know how important is for a client the state of their car, and how important is to solve it as fast as possible.

Since I grew up working and studying about mechanics in general, I became devoted, with a true passion in the area, knowing that I needed to work all my life with cars and repairs.

Nine years ago, with the time going by, I started my business from the ground. Luckily for me, I recruited the best, most responsible and hardworking team a car business could have.

As the years passed, Custom Car Designs | Cherche Automobile became the best car Business in the area, delivering all our clients’ demands and always providing the best car customizations in the market.

We also provide different services; from repairs of chassis to a full car-wash and repairs in general, we can take care of all the needs of your car to ensure your satisfaction.

Our team is more than prepared for any challenge or problem that you could have, as we’re equipped with the best tools in the automobile industry. We can take care of your car needs with total guaranteed and efficiency, and if you still doubt about it, you can always get in contact with us and we will respond all your questions with total patience and respect.


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